How does it work?

Our new plant will use a traditional moving grate that burns RDF in controlled conditions using a steam raising heat recovery boiler.  Steam will drive a condensing steam turbine generator to produce electricity and heat for industrial use.

The plant would be accredited under the Good Quality Combined Heat and Power (GQCHP) scheme.

Fuel trucks reverse into the tipping hall and unload the fuel into the contained storage unit. A crane then moves the fuel into a storage bunker that holds about four days’ supply. The crane then loads fuel into a loading hopper, which is then fed onto an inclined moving grate combustion plant.

The combustion chamber burns the RDF at 850°C in the chamber above the grate. This then heats the flue gas which then flows through the boiler and generates steam. The steam powers a turbine to generate electricity. During the process some of the steam is also uses in the manufacturing process.

Bag filters remove dust, while the addition of lime and carbon removes pollutants. The cleaned gas goes to the stack. Residues are then removed from site in sealed tankers for recycling or disposal.


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