Why-is-it-good-for-CalaChem-featuredWhat is being proposed

In order to enhance international competitiveness, helping to secure good quality jobs in Grangemouth and improve sustainability, CalaChem is looking to replace its existing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant with a new modern good quality CHP plant, which can supply all the energy needs of the site.


Why-is-it-good-for-CalaChem-featuredThe replacement technology

The replacement plant is designed to meet our specific energy needs and replaces oil and gas with RDF.
This fuel is fed into a combustion chamber where it is burned at very high temperatures under controlled conditions to generate steam and electricity, essential in the manufacturing processes on the site.


Why-is-it-good-for-CalaChem-featuredThe Project

Our new $150 million energy plant will be built next to our current CHP facility. For practical and efficiency purposes the new plant needs to be close to the existing one but, once the upgraded plant is fully operational, the existing one will be decommissioned.


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